My first attempt at a Post about a Poll! Fill it out…

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I have never tried a post completely around a poll. Lifehacker does it all the time! News sites. Same thing. Hundreds of people reply. It is supposed to tell you a bit about your readership. They seem popular…

So, here you go. My poll of the day. Probably my last one too! haha.

I am always curious about what operating system(OS) you use on your personal computers?

Why do I care? Because, I want to convert all of you to Linux of course. [evil laugh]. But I also write often about my experiences using technology and am generally curious if what I talk about is making it to the right audience. If you all use Windows, and love it, then I can see my blog stats plummeting!

If after you fill it out, you want to tell me why you have chosen your OS, the details like which distro and version, any experiments and experiences using other OS’s, then please leave it in comments!




4 Replies to “My first attempt at a Post about a Poll! Fill it out…”

  1. I looked at the links you gave for linux, I read your reply to my comment, I am still terrified that I’ll do something stupid and wipe everything off my hard drive!
    I’m easily converted, just that my inner sloth and tortoise tend to be a bit slow! Probably will dedicate some hours to really go through the links and see if I am brave enough to try Linux instead of staring at my Site Stats page all day šŸ˜›

  2. You can always back up your important things on an external hard drive(you are doing that already, right?), and partition the hard drive into 2 with the installer. You can then run Windows on one partition and Linux on the other.

    The mistake I made in the past was not making the Linux partition big enough…

    One other SAFE way of trying it out, is to either burn a CD/DVD and run it as a LIVE session. That way you can try out Linux without installing it first…Ubuntu & Fedora Core both have very good instructions on how to burn a copy onto CD/DVD via Windows. Then you just restart your computer and try it out!

  3. Back important stuff on an external drive???

    Ahem..well I do at work, but not my home laptop. I don’t even have an external hard drive! O_O….something tells me I’ve committed a big boo boo.

    1. I read today on Reddit, someone is suggesting an annual ‘backup your computer’ day. We could all take it as an international holiday and get it done together!

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