When I’m sick, I think about Evolution…

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I have come out the other side of being really sick yesterday. It felt like forever! It always does. Usually when I’m ill my mind goes to evolution for some reason. Why?

I took a biology course in university and part of the ciriculum was about evolutionary behaviours. A section of the course discussed when animals get sick. They tend to leave and go off by themselves. We humans seem to do that too! I don’t want anyone around me when I am throwing up. Do you? I don’t know of anyone that does different. I recall a discussion around not wanting to get our family members sick, and if the illness was fatal, there would be less likelihood of passing it on to our children. It was a way of protecting our genetic lineage. It made sense to me.

I also start to think about my high-powered anti-bodies. Go immune system, go! I used to watch a little YouTube video with my oldest son when he was sick to show him how we was going to get better. Here it is…

Another thing that crosses my mind when I am really sick, is that I absolutely can’t stand the smell of food! That too is an evolutionary response! If we are sick, it may well have been from something we have eaten. The strong response to avoid foods has been passed down to us. I think that is really cool!

In all honesty, I probably start thinking about all this stuff because I am lying in bed in the fetal position with nothing to do, feeling shitty, and hoping to get better as soon as possible. No smart phone, laptop, internet, TV. lol.


4 Replies to “When I’m sick, I think about Evolution…”

  1. Glad you feel better! I love Youtube for the wealth of animations on medical stuff ! I use some for training as well!

    And why no TV? TV is nice to just stare at blankly when you’re ill!

  2. I have this theory that when one has kids they take over the TV in the house. When you are an adult and living with your elderly parents, they take over the TV instead!!

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