Top 10 Clever Uses for Spare Thumb Drives [Lifehacker]

Beeman's USB Flash Drive
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Do you have a lot of spare USB drives lying around? Me too!

I have one that I have a mobile version of Firefox 4.0 on, and an IE Lastpass plugin. On another USB drive I have Ubuntu 10.10 that I can boot anywhere. Honestly I never use it, but I like having it installed there to use if needed.

I fell in love with the latest Victorinox USB Pocket Knive! I have to get one of those pretty soon…Maybe as a treat to myself for finishing the wedding invitations. 😉

Do you use a spare USB drive to transfer files back and forth? Keep mobile apps on?

If you don’t know what you could use all those spare drives for, Lifehacker just posted a Top 10 list of clever uses. Check it out!

Top 10 Clever Uses for Spare Thumb Drives.