My technology wow moments today!

It’s the little things that matter. Right? Sometimes I have a day where little tweaks to my digital life make me happy. Well, my mountain bike ride today made me happy. These little tweaks made me happier! A little bit of extra happy on top of my already happy day. Are you ready to throw up yet?

What are the little things that made me so happierer?

The first was my discover of a new add-on available for Firefox 4.0 that changes Google Reader‘s interface. Though I absolutely LOVE Google Reader, it’s layout is getting a little old. Today, I was reading an article over at Lifehacker on why one of the authors decided to dump Google Chrome and go back to Firefox. It was a great article and it reminded me to go digging into Firefox’s extensive Add-ons library. It is huge, and it’s growing all the time. OK, back to the Google Reader add-on. It is called Purereader 101. It seems to have come from a Safari background, so maybe my previous Mac life has attracted me to it. I took a screenshot for you to see!

Beautiful, eh?

I mentioned another technology highlight for me. On Monday I wrote about my refreshed interest in Evernote. Well, they must have got so many new members from my post, that they revamped their web interface!

Here is what it looks like! Very nice…


There you have it…My small but big technology moments of March 29th,2011…

I am either a nerd to get so excited over little stuff like this, or I need to get a life. Or both. 😉


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  1. I learn every single day. I use ever note and it’s FREE. I have google Chrome too. It was so nice to learn form you today, thanks.

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