Google Reader Archives and Some Saved Jems!

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The other day I read an article about Google Reader and how to use it as a viable Instapaper replacement. Truth is, Google Reader has been my RSS and news aggregator for years. Now that I have added the ‘Note in Reader’ Bookmarklet into Firefox to take saved notes, I am moving a lot of my Twitter favourites back into Google Reader. I also installed Reeder on my iPhone. I’m excited!

Once I start re-importing RSS feeds, I end up looking at some of the old Starred items I had saved to read later…Like most people, I end up with hundreds of great articles I wanted to read, but forgot about. If there is one thing this exercise has taught me, don’t forget to look at all those great articles you saved to read later. Well, I found some jems! I thought I’d share them with you. I even re-tweeted a couple of them for you. Here they are…!/larrinski/status/53300758413709312!/larrinski/status/53294494539448320!/larrinski/status/53307895441395713!/larrinski/status/53308470207848448!/larrinski/status/53312005460869120

I love that I find some great ‘old’ articles saved for some future day! Well, today was the day…

Do you use Google Reader? If not, what do you use to store your favourite articles and text to come back to later?


3 Replies to “Google Reader Archives and Some Saved Jems!”

  1. Well I had Feedly but I installed the beta version of the newest Firefox and now its gone! But it doesn’t matter because I rarely used it when I did have it. I kind of like Stumble Upon. I keep stumbling along and when I like something I click the like button and it’s all stored there!
    Is that the Twitter app background you have on your iPhone or something? Or is it the Twitter blackbird pie thingy?

  2. I love Stumbleupon. I used to use it all the time! I liked it for the random stuff out there. But, for news and following specific bloggers and sites it was not so good.
    Thanks for reminding me about it again!
    The Twitter thing is the background on my Twitter account…Reminded me of the 70’s.

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