How people got ‘even’ back in the day.

I saw this image the other day and thought about how much life has changed. Today, if someone pisses you off, embarrasses you, you flame it all over a forum online, post a tweet, or rage in your Facebook profile. You might text your friends about how much of an ass the person was. But, would you break out the typewriter and post a placard out in public?

Apparently there were times when you were expected to apologize? How things have changed…

How they did it back in 1839 via


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  1. Oooh! Maybe not in line with what you’ve posted but this reminded me of the Scarlet letter, the placard that’s hung on a woman when she’s been accused of having an illicit affair! Or was that just the premise of the movie…hmm….
    I find it a little disturbing when I hear stories from my friends who are on facebook and have friends of their posting horrid statements about other people for all to see and it gets even worse when the person who is being flammed get onto their facebook and starts doing the same.
    It’s like soap opera drama in real time!!

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