Rocky Mountain Bikes Must Change Slayer Name thanks to “evil” Sony Music

The music industry is Satan. I hate them. Really strong words, but I can hardly think of a more greedy, and ridiculous industry.

Just the other day, I found out that Sony Music has told Rocky Mountain Bikes to stop using the name Slayer on it’s famous bike. How does the name of a Canadian bike threaten the profits of a US music company? The answer. IT DOESN’T! In fact, I argue that Rocky Mountain naming their bike with the same name as the band Slayer would expose people to them. How does naming a bike Slayer make someone NOT buy Slayer albums? Sony, you suck ass.

Rocky Mountain may have named their bike after the hardcore band, or they may have named it after the term slayer, as someone that slays a trail. For their part, Rocky Mountain has expressed there confidence that if it came down to it, they would be confident in winning a lawsuit over this issue, but they have decided that they don’t want to waste any of their money on this STUPID issue.

Here is what they had to say about it…

“We received a phone call from a Sony lawyer a last month and we admittedly brushed it off, thinking it was ridiculous”, commented Rocky Mountain’s marketing manager, Pete Roggeman. “ Then last week we received an official cease and desist letter. We contacted our lawyers and after careful evaluation, we’ve been advised that despite the fact we have a good case, the cost of battling a huge corporation like Sony will simply be too much for Rocky Mountain both in dollars and company resources. It’s a real shame that it’s come to this.”

RMB Must Change Slayer Name | NSMB.e.MAGAZINE – Freeride, Extreme and North Shore style Mountain Biking.

This, of course is not the first time the music industry has tried to sue to make money. The truth is, the music industry is useless. They can’t come up with an affordable medium to sell their talent(if they have even found some out there), and continue to try and sue dead people, young children, and most recently they tried to sue Limewire for, get this, 75 TRILLION dollars! Where is Dr. Evil? IHMO, the music industry IS Dr. Evil. Stupid. Over the top. Can’t recognize talent. Think they run the world.

Economists have said that file-sharing hasn’t caused the collapse of the music industry. What has? Here is my take. Metallica sued the pants of their own fans for sharing. They aren’t near the popular band they were. Many of their fans have sworn they will NEVER buy another album of theirs. It’s like this. You see an asshole picking on someone. Do you go make friends with them, or do you wish them the worst of possible deaths and never make friends? I am one to never side with a bully.

Any Sony artists out there? Here is a list of them all…I will go here first to see if an artist I like is on there. If so, sorry. I won’t support your evil overlords…





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  1. *clap* *clap*

    I hate Sony too! Sony (Malaysia) is an idiotic company that is, as far as I’m concerned racist too! Hrrrumph! (don’t worry, not going to stand on my little soap box and rant about it here..hehe!)

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