Canadian Science minister won’t confirm belief in evolution

The mechanisms behind evolution
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Our Canadian federal Minister of State for Science and Technology is an idiot.

Recently when asked to clarify if he believes in evolution, he refused to answer the question because he is a christian. To say this is troubling is an understatement! The federal Minister in charge of funding for sciences thinks that evolution is a religious belief instead of the basis for life on the planet and modern-day medicine. Good thing they didn’t ask him if he thought the sun revolved around the earth like it says in the bible. Or, if he thinks snakes can talk like it says in Genesis. Good thing he doesn’t believe in fairy tales, eh? Oh, wait a minute. He does…

What kind of leadership can our country have when the Prime Minister of Canada appoints a right-wing evangelist to head the advancement of scientific knowledge in this country? I really hope we get a less right-wing, religious group in power in this country and have the pendulum swing back to reality…

Science minister won’t confirm belief in evolution – ANNE MCILROY – The Globe and Mail –


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  1. Hmmm…I don’t know. I’ve always felt that the bible should be taken for its core message, it’s the living word, and something that is living means that you need to take what’s at its core and not take every word as it is? God created the world in 6 days…I believe that it was told to portray the power of God, you know? He didn’t really create it in 6 x 24 hours!!
    I guess even if religious, at least a person that is also objective would be in a better position to be in charge of a ministry that deals with science?

  2. I appreciate your comment. 🙂

    I don’t have issues when people believe in god, but I sure have issues with elected officials who place their religious beliefs before their duties. There is a reason why we have a separation of church and state. He may be christian, and that may be the god he believes in, but to be in charge of science funding and policy decisions is wrong. Even the catholics, the biggest christian religion in the world endorses evolution. Under our current right-wing conservative government, science funds and grants have steadily declined. The same thing happened in the USA under George Bush.

    As for the words in the bible. My understanding of the bible is that it was written by people on behalf of god, or so the story goes, and that it is to be taken as the word of god. Why would god not tell the real story if that was the case?

    I can appreciate that people look to the bible and try to find the ‘good’ parts to live by, but there are plenty of ‘bad’ parts too that to me are quite scary…We would both agree it is wrong to kill someone. I don’t get that from the bible. I get that from morals, which I believe are separate from religion and it’s teachings.

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