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The mechanisms behind evolution

Image by Colin Purrington via Flickr

Our Canadian federal Minister of State for Science and Technology is an idiot.

Recently when asked to clarify if he believes in evolution, he refused to answer the question because he is a christian. To say this is troubling is an understatement! The federal Minister in charge of funding for sciences thinks that evolution is a religious belief instead of the basis for life on the planet and modern-day medicine. Good thing they didn’t ask him if he thought the sun revolved around the earth like it says in the bible. Or, if he thinks snakes can talk like it says in Genesis. Good thing he doesn’t believe in fairy tales, eh? Oh, wait a minute. He does…

What kind of leadership can our country have when the Prime Minister of Canada appoints a right-wing evangelist to head the advancement of scientific knowledge in this country? I really hope we get a less right-wing, religious group in power in this country and have the pendulum swing back to reality…

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