SOCAN is Crashing my Wedding. Grrr.

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SOCAN – Receptions w/ Dance – Tariff 8, says my Reception Hall receipt. I am getting married in about 90 days, and the costs are starting to add up. So, I am checking out all the fees. I can’t pretend I didn’t know about this one.

I am just starting to get a bit annoyed with the music industry…As some of my recent posts have talked about. What is this SOCAN fee? I am paying the music industry to come to my wedding…$59.17 to be exact. Considering that my Reception Hall is $400 or so, that means the music industry in Canada is getting a 15% tip for my celebration. I didn’t invite them…

Maybe it’s that I am supposed to be having a good time at my wedding, that this bugs me so much. All I will be thinking is, ‘that song cost me 50 cents to listen to’.  OK, maybe I won’t be thinking that at the time, but I am thinking about it now…

But really, it is MUCH worse than that. Why you ask?

Because I bought all the music in the first place! If I were to calculate all the single songs I’ve put in my hours upon hours of playlists, I probably have $500 or more in CDs, and iTunes purchases. But, wait folks. It doesn’t stop there…Every time I buy blank CD or DVDs, money goes to them too. They are also lobbying to have a large surcharge placed on every music player sold in Canada. So, if they had their way, my iPhone would also be taxed to play the music(if Apple isn’t already giving these crooks some payola).

So, they want charge me to buy their music, copy their music, listen to their music at my wedding, and store my music on my iPhone. What the hell? I paid for the music UP FRONT!

I don’t know about you, but this just seems very wrong…

No wonder so many people just say screw it, and download music via Bittorrent…



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  1. Eww! That smells like rotten fish!! It’s amazing that you have to pay for all that and at the same time pay for the music that you buy??!!??

    Greedy little piggies!

    Regardless of that, I hope you have a wonderful time at your wedding!

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