The Coffee vs. Tea Showdown!

A photo of a cup of coffee.
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Anyone that knows me, knows that I love coffee! Most of my co-workers, friends and family suggest that I am ‘addicted’ to it. What? Coffee is addictive?

I have a love story attached to coffee. My fiancée and I fell in love partially due to our mutual infatuation with coffee…We started out as friends sharing cups of coffee at work together, and the types of coffees we liked. We found out very quickly that we both loved extremely strong-tasting dark roasts. We would then go out for coffee and chat, get to know each other, and it all seemed to revolve around coffee.

There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning and sitting next to her as we drink our muddy coffee…Especially if the kids are still asleep. It is like a silent bonding time with each other. Nothing said. Just coffee and our life together.

Our first road trip consisted of us driving quite a distance to see a mutual friend in the interior of BC. We would drive through town after town with the passenger looking for the nearest Starbucks. I fell madly in love. 🙂
Here is a picture from that very special trip…

Enough of the mushy, lovey dovey stuff…

Onto a great graph about the benefits and risks associated with drinking coffee and tea. We both drink a bit of tea(mostly to keep our coffee budget reasonable…haha).  I loved this showdown on coffee vs tea, so I thought I’d share!


Where does Yerba Mate fit in the debate? I love to drink it during work, especially since my company’s taste in coffee differs from mine. I can’t complain though as it is drinkable and free…

Are you a coffee drinker? Tea? I’d love to hear from you!


2 Replies to “The Coffee vs. Tea Showdown!”

  1. Firstly…your fiancée soon to be wife is absolutely gorgeous.

    I love coffee too!! I don’t have any of those fancy coffee makers or anything, so it’s mainly instant for me at home and brewed when I get a chance travelling. As for that poster, I think that it was a biased approach!! Seeing the pound sign, it really wasn’t fair to compare coffee and tea in the UK! I wonder what it’ll look like if it had been done in a coffee loving nation!

    1. That was so sweet to say. I think she’s pretty too. 😉

      I learned that fancy coffees aren’t necessarily the best tasting! We usually just drink drip, but fire up the Bodum once in a while. French press is the best IMO…

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