There are moments in our lives where we re-live important aspects of our lives. Tonight is one of those nights.

About 2 and a half years ago Emery, Jeremy and I hung out and grew as friends. My life has never been the same.

When do we ever go back to those pivotal moments in our lives and talk about the importance of those moments?

After copious amounts of Jeremy’s home made master brews, my night has about to come to an end, but our friendships continue on…



So, after waking up this morning, I figure I’d comment on this post…It was about 11:30pm, and we were all having a fun time listening to music, having Jeremy play his guitar, and I’d had LOTS of beer. In other words, having fun. What was I trying to blog about? I realized that I had not posted yet for the day, and only had my iPhone. I was trying to share something with you that I don’t think I can put into words. Friendships. Good friendships. I have a few close friends that no matter how much time has passed since the last time we’ve hung out, can pick up right where we left off.

When I get together with those close friends, I get that sense of nostalgia. All those happy feelings, good times and bad times we’ve shared all come rushing back. That is what I was trying to get at when I mentioned that I was re-living important aspects of my life. Life moves along, but sometimes we get the opportunity to reflect on how our lives have changed. Sometimes for the better. Sometimes for the worse. We can’t recreate the exact events of our past obviously. However, we can take some time with close friends to talk about the good times and how important they are in our life.

Clear as mud?