Why Printer Drivers will be the Death of me…

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We are trying to get out our wedding invitations! Trying… We are so late in getting them out it may be that we send them out as an E-Invite or pretty HTML e-mail…

But, it would be nice to send out more traditional ones, so, because we don’t have a big wedding budget, we decided to go to the local crafts store, Michaels, and get a couple of boxes of invitations. The first set were only $10 a box. What a deal! Right?

They were a disaster. Not because of anything to do with the invitations themselves(though using vellum is HELL). It had everything to do with printing the damn things! We gave up on those ones after almost wrecking a big commercial printer with the damn vellum paper…

My adorable bride-to-be got stuck in ‘font la-la land’ for a couple of weeks, but finally decided on the perfect fonts! At least the perfect ones right now, until she sees new ones…Off to the printer/fax/scanner we went. Depending on whether we used OSX, Linux, or Windows we got a slightly different result. I decided to use LibreOffice to keep everything consistant across platforms.

The printer/fax/scanner was a piece of crap for quality but we finally got the borders and page size correct. The vellum thing was really horrible, even on a commercial quality printer at my mother-in-law’s office.

We bought a new box(actually 2 boxes) of pretty invitations. They are embossed, so the print quality once again is iffy on our family printer. I am REALLY close to saying, screw the paper invites.

But, overall the biggest pet peeve I have with printing anything is the god-damn printer drivers! Each company has their own closed-source drivers. They decide how often to update them, what platforms they support, and whether they think the printer is too old and out of date. Using Linux on my computer, OSX on Emery’s computer, and Windows XP and 7 at various work environments as well as the different Brother, Canon, and Ricoh printers is making this project a very frustrating one!

If I made all the decisions for print companies, I would require them to release their drivers under the GPL so the open-source community can forever tinker, update, and fix the drivers. Why is this a good idea for the printer companies? They would just need to keep making their overpriced toners and watch the money roll in!

Do you have any printer nightmares?

Did you ever get married and say screw the invites and send out a simple email? Would you be willing to talk to my fiancée about it? lol.


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  1. LOL on your second question. Erm…I *think* the pretty paper invited are a part of the whole “the best day of my life, dream wedding” package 😉

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