Lucky People behave Different than Unlucky People?

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I don’t believe in luck. There, I said it…

My thought is that people think people can be lucky or unlucky as if there is some guiding hand determining the fate of a particular event. And if the odds of the person getting hurt and killed are high, and they come out better than expected, then people claim some miracle has occurred.

My take on luck is that if we can see 2 outcomes clearly coming from an event, we determine how fortunate or unfortunate that person was, and attribute it to luck. Say someone is in a field playing on a cloudy day. They get hit by lightening. Ouch!

Now say they live and are uninjured, were they lucky to be uninjured, or unlucky to have been hit by lightening? See, depending on whether they live, die, get burnt, or come out unscathed, everyone will have an opinion on that person’s luck. I say the person got hit by lightening, and was either injured or uninjured. I don’t need to attribute anything to luck.

One psychologist has been studying behaviour and feels that there is a distinct difference between lucky and unlucky people.

What Lucky People Do Differently than Unlucky People.

Do you think there is such thing as luck?


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  1. Oh! This is going to open a big tin of worms 😉 I use “luck” when I speak to some people, but for me it’s more of fate, destiny, what we have chosen, the consequence of our actions / thoughts/ words and of course karma….
    I have it in my mind. It makes sense to me…but I think if I were to explain it, to put it into words, I’d just get every thing jumbled up!!

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