The Importance of Learning about the History of the Universe

Time Begins in Our Universe with a Big Bang
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Yesterday I was blown away by a story of a CANADIAN school board near Edmonton that has out-sourced it’s public education onto the Catholic Church. Parents have no option but to enroll their kids in the schools! What the hell? Apparently about 30% of the population there(population of 8000) is Catholic. The views of the 70% of the population that don’t define themselves as Catholics doesn’t seem to matter.

Don’t even get me started about the 30% of kids that are Catholic. No, the kids aren’t Catholic. Their parents are. The kids are just kids. Not yet brainwashed…Here is what one mom had to say about it.

The province’s solution of busing the children to a school in another district is not a solution, Marjorie Kirsop said.

“Considering Morinville is a town of 8,000 [and] we have four public schools, why should our kids be put on a bus, driven 40 minutes away with high school kids to attend a school in another district?” she asked.

“We have four public schools. Why not give one school to hand it over to Sturgeon [School Division]. Let them run the secular program.”

Hunter’s daughter is now in kindergarten. Next year, she can have her daughter opt out of religious classes when they are offered, as long as she signs a form acknowledging that Catholic teachings will permeate the rest of the school day, an option she doesn’t believe is acceptable.


So, after fuming for a bit, I stumbled upon a great talk at the TED talk by David Christian on the History of the Universe. This is something that every kid should watch in school!


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  1. Wow seriously?! Sounds just as bad as over here, well…maybe not as bad. The more I think of it, I honestly think policy makers automatically loose their brain cells when they become policy makers. It’s like this requirement before one can be a fully fledged politician or policy maker!

    1. I think school boards have too much power over here. It seems like this school board are probably religious and thought it was just fine to teach their beliefs. Where I have issues is with the provincial government that is supposed to run the provincial and enforce the curriculum, but don’t want to get involved.

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