Canada Post helped scammers get victim’s new address

Canada Post LLV in service
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Did you hear about this the other day? I never realized that Canada Post sold my personal information to marketers and scammers! Did you?

Apparently Canada Post(who delivers the mail for us Canadians) sells our new addresses when we move so that the junk mail can keep flowing! How f*cking nice of them… 🙂

All these years I’ve wondered how I keep getting offers from finance companies, offers for new credit cards, etc…I have thought that maybe the banks and companies I dealt with were selling the information, or pulling a credit bureau and looking for an up to date address. I would have NEVER thought my government was selling it, to not only marketers but crooks!

I really hope this story doesn’t just blow over. There seriously needs to be some accountability for this privacy breach, and a major change in policy.

Here is what Canada Post has to say about it…

Data sold to 37 companies

Canada Post declined an interview about this, but confirmed to CBC News that it charges 37 companies — nine of them in the United States — $10,000 a year each, to access its National Change of Address (NCOA) database, which contains thousands of new addresses. The companies typically sort mail, stuff envelopes and update address lists for hundreds of mail marketers.

“The data gathered from the Change of Address service is used to create the National Change of Address data product licensed to businesses for the purposes of cleaning mail files and updating the records of existing customers,” Canada Post spokesperson John Caines wrote in an email.

Canada Post helped scammers get victim’s new address – British Columbia – CBC News.

Regardless on how nice they try to make it, it sucks! Quit selling our addresses Canada Post. NO ONE likes it…Oh, except companies that try to take senior citizens for thousands a year…


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  1. Hmm…isn’t this breaching privacy laws or something? We don’t have those laws here in Malaysia…well if we have I haven’t heard of it!

    1. It seems like a breach of privacy to me! Canada Post says it shares the information ‘to protect us’ from having mail delivered to an old address and the new resident stealing it.

      I trust most renters in the neighbourhoods I reside in than I do junk mail marketers…

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