Moleskine App for iPhone/iPad Coming Soon!

Moleskine notebook and diaries.
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I live a double life.

I love technology. Computers, my smartphone, cloud computing, Linux. But…

I love Moleskine notebooks! Kind of the opposite of technology…

What if someone, say the company Moleskine, made an ‘app’ for the iPhone? Wouldn’t that be like Peanut Butter and Chocolate? A blend of old and new? Yes my friends, it would…

So when I heard that Moleskine is making the upcoming iPhone and iPad app, I jumped for joy!

I REALLY hope my dreams aren’t quashed like they were when “Spore” was launched. In case you missed it, it was going to be the biggest wet dream a science loving computer gamer could ever ask for. I bought it. It sucked. 😦

I will probably wait for a few ‘reviews’ on the Moleskine app first before buying it. Yes, buying it. I am almost certain that if Moleskine can convince it’s customers to pay $15 for a small lined notebook that you could buy for $2 at Zellers, then they will no doubt be putting a healthy price tag on this one too…

Here is the video teaser from on the site. Not much to look at, but maybe they have made a Moleskine case for the iPhone to go along with the new app? Only time will tell.

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