How do you share your Precious Memories? Let me Show you a Simple Solution!

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I use Dropbox a lot for storing my documents and backing up important media. But lately I’ve been finding a more useful, community and family focused purpose. When I get photos from events or share precious photos and videos, they have more than likely been sent by email.

Due to size limitations, the photos have been downsized or the videos are the size of a business card. Sometimes the photos are pixelated and the videos are grainy. Why bother sharing that? What if we could send the full sized files? With Dropbox, you can! Share away!

The following are times when Dropbox came in extremely handy…

I attended a beautiful and touching wedding a few months ago of my mother and father in-law. We brought our video camera to capture the event! My mother-in-law called me one evening and asked if she could get all the videos. I had them off the camera on my laptop. 3.6Gb of movies! How was I going to get them to her? Email was out of the question! I could have burned her a DVD, but that would mean getting it to her. I told her to give me the evening and I started coming up with a better solution…Dropbox!

I created a new folder inside Dropbox, and dragged them all to the folder. Once they were uploaded, I sent her an email invite to join Dropbox, get her own account, and then I sent her a sharing folder request. It was fantastic and such an easy solution!

The other use I’ve found is with my son’s Cub Scouts events. Every time I’m at an event, I seem to be the one that takes the most pictures. Yes, I’m a nerd…Anyway, once I head home, I take the pictures off my iPhone, and create a new folder in Dropbox. I then send an invite to share the folder with the Scout leader. He can then download them onto his desktop and share them with the other parents. My ex-wife gets an invite too so she can see the stuff her son is doing while at my place.

Of course, one of the best things about Dropbox is the referral program. For everyone that signs up from one of your referrals, you get 250Mb of additional storage once they install the desktop application.

If you haven’t found a good use for Dropbox yet, the following is an article on Lifehacker on how to use it as a killer collaborative work tool…

How to Use Dropbox as a Killer Collaborative Work Tool.