Here is why you need to Jailbreak your iPhone…

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Yesterday I posted about the revelation that Apple was secretly storing your location data in an unencrypted file when it does backups. There is a whole lot of stink about it, including getting US Senators to directly question Apple about this practice.
Sen. Franken Quizzes Steve Jobs on iPhone Tracking.

Apple hasn’t even made a comment about the problem yet, and it’s all over the news. Silence.

This is shitty…

But, if you jailbroke your iPhone like I suggested you do, Cydia has a solution for you! There has been an app made overnight that scrubs the offending file from your iPhone! Overnight! How is that for a fast solution? Apple will probably fix this. Weeks from now…

When we allow the manufacturer to lock down the devices as heavily as Apple has done, we lose the ability to have the greater community come up with a fix. The same goes for bugs in various OSs. If we depend on Microsoft or Apple to fix a problem if they determine there is one, or when they ‘get around to it’, we are putting our digital identities at risk.

So, I am VERY happy that I jailbroke my iPhone. You should go do it too…!5794369/ispy-conspiracy-break-apples-secret-tracking-with-this-app