When simple parts break down…

Image by hr.icio via Flickr

Tonight I tried to sneak in an evening mountain bike ride. Tried.

All was going well when I was stopped in my tracks. I looked down. My rear dérailleur had been ripped off my bike. Some small little branch had sucked my chain into the spokes of my rear wheel. The rear dérailleur hanger had been snapped off the frame too. If this has happened to you,  you know it is a major mechanical failure.

At this point, I don’t think about a simple fix, but about the cost of the repair and whether I want to make a single speed bike to get myself back, or walk back. I chose to walk/coast back. In the end it will save me money. No new chain potentially…

Hopefully I get it repaired for another ride this weekend…

Is it ironic that on Easter, the atheist get crippled on the trail? Maybe should have gone to church?



2 Replies to “When simple parts break down…”

  1. Strange that an atheist thought about it at all! 😉

    I remember once a long time ago, I was on a motorbike riding pillion and holding a jacket. It got sucked into the rear wheel of the bike! Thank God my friend wasn’t riding the bike too fast! The jacket however got ripped pretty bad!!

    1. haha, can’t escape it…And I enjoy the irony…

      Every year I go for a ride on Easter Sunday, but one of the mountains I ride on has a cross near the top, and there are a bunch of local churches that hike up to it. I’ve come really close sometimes plowing into them. On a mountain where you may see one or two people, all of a sudden there are hundreds of people in your way!

      Luck for you on the motorbike, it wasn’t your pant leg!

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