Why do people care about the Royal Wedding? I have the answer…

Day 104 - 14-04-2011 - Royal Wedding Plate
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Today was the ‘historic’ royal wedding of Prince William and Kate What’s-her-name. I didn’t tune in(don’t have cable), nor would I have. It’s not that I am against supporting such a huge event, it’s just that the wedding would be the most boring wedding EVER!

Seriously, from what I have seen online, it is very much a protocol wedding, full of rules, and every detail planned to the umpteenth degree. I doubt there was rock music, people shouting, laughing, and dancing. No drunk relatives making asses of themselves…I don’t think half the guests would have been able to even see the wedding happen with some 1900 guests there.  Or see above all those silly hats.

I like a much more intimate affair. My upcoming wedding in two months will have not quite 10% of today’s event. For a reason. I don’t have that many friends! Or the money. lol. All kidding aside, I think even if I were to have that many friends and family, I wouldn’t want to be that much of the centre of attention.

But, what struck me the most, was that so many people around the world watched the wedding live. 2 billion people! That is incredible! Why would so many people watch the British royals? Or even care?

I think it has to do with our dreams. We all at some time or another have dreamt of that perfect wedding, or that perfect person to spend our life with. I have found that perfect person for me, but it took quite a long road to get there. Even if today’s wedding wasn’t such a pomp and circumstance, I think people love to see a couple profess their love for each other in a ceremony.I get it now, though at one time I didn’t get marriage. I used to never believe in marriage, or so I thought. My first marriage was one of feeling obligated to get married. It seemed like the thing to do at the time. Everyone kept asking me when I was going to get married. ALL THE TIME! Finally, I gave in.It was like I had to follow this recipe of life. Grow up, go to school, get a job, get married, buy a house, have a kid. Done.

But now, I am getting married because I want to. I want to tell everyone in attendance how much I love my wife, and that I want to be with her until the day I die. Sappy shit….

That is what I think attracts people to slow down when driving by weddings, and when there is one on TV. The royal wedding is the grand-puba of weddings, so everyone wants to see the young couple profess their love for the world to see.

I had hoped that there would be lots of weeping, and tears of joy, but today’s wedding was far too formal for that.

I will stick to attending smaller weddings, thank you very much, but totally understand why everyone wanted to watch…To see love.


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  1. I agree weddings of a smaller more intimate nature is the best kinds there is. I don’t know. Sometimes I watch Oprah or this British series called Dont Tell The Bride, and I’m like jeeze, they better learn fast that the wedding is just a few hours of the rest of your life and that’s what needs focussing on..you know?

    1. True!
      With such high divorce rates, I think people want the fairytale wedding, but don’t picture the fairytale marriage, or are willing to work just as hard to make the marriage work!

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