After today’s Canadian election disaster, are you worried about the aging Baby Boomers?

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Today’s federal election showed me, in my politically untrained eye, that Canada is splitting into two factions. Not the old federalist/separatist factions, but that of an aging baby boomer population and younger socially aware population.

It is said that as we age, we become more conservative. It could be that by that time, we are collecting pensions, not needing to raise families, and have the biggest balances in our bank accounts. What is there to worry about? With this in mind, I am a bit worried about the way our country is leaning.

Young people just don’t vote in any great numbers, but the baby boomers are all retiring and have tons of time to get out on election day…

What effect do you think the aging baby boomers are having on the politics of your country?

In Canada, it is moving the pendulum to the right. And to me, that’s not good for social programs, women’s rights, workers’ rights, and human rights.

Tonight’s election sucked. Thank you baby boomers…