Five Things We Learned From Baldur’s Gate!

Baldur's Gate (series)
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I read a lot of posts every day. Sometimes it’s to find something interesting to share with my 2 visitors to the site, but often it is just my attempt at keeping up to date with current events. I sort through hundreds of RSS feeds, Reddit, Twitter, etc…Not very exciting stuff most of the time. Once in a while though, I stumble upon a huge flashback from my past! Today was one of those days my friend(s)…

An article about Baldur’s Gate! What is Baldur’s Gate? It was the best PC video game in the 90’s. Essentially it was a fun version of Dungeons & Dragons. My very first computer upgrade was because my PC couldn’t play Baldur’s Gate because my graphics card sucked so bad. I never really played D&D as a kid. I grew up in a small town, and it didn’t make it into the popular games of the day.

Too bad, as I think D&D is a fantastic game for kids to use their imaginations, live in a world of fantasy, understand the consequences of being evil, and pretend to be someone they are not. Baldur’s Gate was my way of playing catch up for my lost years missing out on such a cool game.

I played this game from start to finish probably 10 times as different characters. Then, I bought the upgrades, and Baldur’s Gate II. I loved it. Really, I am not a video game type of guy. But something about the game made me a video game junky for a while.

So today, when I saw a blog post about the 5 things we learned from Baldur’s Gate, I practically had a heart attack! I hadn’t thought about that game in 10 years! I want to get an old copy of Windows in Virtualbox just to play it again.

Without further ado, here is the post for you to read, and even reminisce along with me…

… with the release of Baldur’s Gate, D&D took one giant step out from the imaginations of adolescents the world over into the consciousness of the rest of humankind. Baldur’s Gate was a landmark game in this way, and many others, and everyone who played it took away something valuable. Things like…

via Joystick Division – Five Things We Learned From Baldur’s Gate.