How I think I got my given name.

For some reason, today I’ve got NOTHING to blog about! Really. Nothing. Blank.

For one of the only times this year so far, I will fall back on the suggested post for some inspiration.!/postaday/status/66903627511500800

My legal name is James Henry. My dad’s family originated in Poland and they immigrated to Canada in the 40’s. His mom was a very strong willed woman. She named her sons Henry, Edward, and George. Very much like English kings.

When I was on the way(a bit earlier than was expected in those days) I think my dad or mom let it slip that they were going to name me Donald. What the hell! Donald.

As far I as have heard, my grandmother simply told my parents that, no, they were not going to name me Donald, they were going to name me James Henry.

I think the next part may be fiction, but my parents have never really called me James. They have always called me Jamie. I concluded that they did it as a quiet rebellion that they didn’t want to name me James.

I have flip flopped on throughout my life between James and Jamie. Some of my friends call me Jamie, and others call me James.

In fact, I can usually tell when I met one of my friends by whether they call me Jamie or James. Up until I graduated from high school, everyone knew me as Jamie. Once I was out on my own, I wanted to feel grown up, and started using my ‘legal name’ and I introduced myself as James. But the truth was, people close to me always called me Jamie. Girlfriends, family, people I had known for my whole life.

So a few years ago, I decided to stop trying to enforce the ‘my name is James’ thing, and now live comfortably in my Jamie skin. Kind of embracing my upbringing, my parents, and not feeling like I have to put on another persona.

I’d be interested in hearing your name story! Please leave a comment. 🙂


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  1. Seeing as I suggested this question, I am posting comments on all posts and have enjoyed everyone’s story including yours. I resonate with your attempts to become “grown up”. Did the same as you will see if you read my blog. As I note “Call me anything, but late for dessert.” I also don’t like being called the B word, but have gotten that occoationally. Thank you for sharing and I for one am happy you had nothing else to share.

    1. I know quite a few people that changed their names as they became adults. The problem so many times is that if I don’t see them for a while, I start to forget which name they prefer. I have one friend that I knew throughout high school that went by one name, and then 15 years later I worked with him and he went by a totally different first name. Now, 5 years after that, I have a mental block and can’t remember which one he goes by again until I think through it… haha.

      At least I answer to Jamie and James…

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