82 year old man dies in Everest bid. He should have climbed it sitting on his couch!

I read the following article about this 82 year old man that died attempting to be the oldest person to ever climb Everest. Brave! And, crazy! A few minutes later I read that there is now a detailed 3D map of the mountain. Cool. Couch surf up the mountain…

— An 82-year-old former Nepalese foreign minister has died on the slopes of Mount Everest while attempting to become the oldest person to climb the world’s highest mountain, an official said Tuesday.

Shailendra Kumar Upadhyay was returning from the first camp set on the slopes of Everest back down to the base camp when he collapsed Monday evening, Mountaineering Department official Tilak Pandey told The Associated Press by telephone. He was going back to the base camp to get medical attention because he was not feeling well.

Upadhyay’s climbing companions gave him some water and oxygen after he collapsed on the icy trails, but he died, likely from high-altitude sickness, a common cause of death among mountain climbers, Pandey said.

via Newsvine – Ex-Nepal foreign minister, 82, dies in Everest bid.

Everest 3D – 3D RealityMaps from 3D RealityMaps on Vimeo.