Getting Organized with the Google Tasks API

Google Tasks Fluid Icon

Google has added a great new extension to their Google Chrome Web Store to integrate Google Tasks from anywhere within Chrome! The API has been released. You should open up Chrome and click this link.

Google Tasks helps many of us to remember all those things that keep us busy. Towards the end of last year we asked our users what they wanted to see improved with Google Tasks and an overwhelming request was for the ability to access tasks from anywhere — be it on the move, on the desktop, or through their favorite Web apps.

Today, we’re checking off a big to-do from our list and are inviting you to try out the new Google Tasks API. Using the Google Tasks API, developers can — for the very first time — create rich applications which integrate directly with Google Tasks.

via Getting Organized with the Tasks API – Google Apps Developer Blog.

Here is a little snippet over at Lifehacker about the new improvements.

To-do lists are a great way to stay productive, but they don’t do much for you if managing your list of to-dos is a drawn out task in itself. The new Google Tasks extension lets you see, edit, and mark tasks as completed right from the extension bar. You can also add tasks by selecting text in a browser window and right-clicking on it, or by typing t in the address bar and typing the name of your task (just one more thing you can do right from your address bar).

via Google Tasks Extension Brings Super-Fast Task Management to Chrome.

Has anyone used Google Tasks? I’d be interested in seeing it used with Remember the Milk. If anyone has the extension working the RTM, drop me a line!