Mark Shuttleworth: Our Goal Is 200 Million Ubuntu Users In 4 Years

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As some of you know that follow my blog, I use Linux on my Macbook Pro instead of Apple’s OSX. I started getting more serious with trying out Linux because of the marketing and exposure of Ubuntu. I currently use PinguyOS, which is a derivative of Ubuntu.

The founder of Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth is a very outspoken and sometimes controversial figure. He doesn’t always see eye to eye with other members of the Linux community, but it can be argued that he saved Linux and moved it back into the public eye.

Mr. Shuttleworth is now setting user targets for Ubuntu and wishes to get 200 million Ubuntu users in the next 4 years. That would be amazing! It would be good for the open source community, and for Linux users!

Delivering the keynote at the Ubuntu Developer Summit at Budapest, Hungary, Canonical Founder, Mark Shuttleworth, has announced that the goal of Canonical is 200 million Ubuntu users in four years.

Canonical has not officially not provide any data on how many Ubuntu users are there currently – in fact it, is quite difficult to track it. However, according to Prakash Advani, Partner Manager – Central Asia at Canonical, there are an estimated 12 million Ubuntu users.

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