Apple has turned into their own 1984 commercial.

Steve Jobs
Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

Apple makes me angry. For all the work they have done to differentiate themselves from Microsoft, they are slowly turning evil in my eyes. I have wrote extensively about my experience around moving to Linux for my OS, and my concerns around the locked down nature of Apple software.

It is becoming more obvious to me that they are doing the same with their hardware. My advice used to be that Apple makes superior hardware and the integration with their software made for a beautiful union. Now, I see it as a prison sentence. I used to also tell people to go and buy a Mac.

That’s not my advice anymore. It’s “run away”!!

If I can’t buy a computer that a local computer store can fix, or I can’t replace a hard drive with one that I bought from a third party, then I don’t want it. I understand some things need to be fixed by the manufacturer, but the hard drive?

It would be much like buying a Toyota, and having to ship it back to Japan to get the brakes fixed. We all know that the brakes will eventually wear out. The same goes for a hard drive. Has anyone seen how much Apple charges for their hard drives? More than double. Not only that, if their hard drive is the only one you can use and they block you with firmware so the computer won’t boot, your data is at the mercy of Apple. Evil.

So, fuck you Apple. My next computer will be more people friendly…Much less 1984…

Here is what Engadget has to say about it…

Letting Apple control most facets of your computing experience is just a fact of life for the Mac faithful, but the company may have gone too far for some with the most recent iMac refresh. Want to swap out that hard drive for a bigger one or replace a dead disk? You’ve got no option but to go straight to Apple thanks to a new proprietary cable and special firmware. The standard 4-pin SATA connector has been replaced with a 7-pin configuration that keeps you from hooking up just any old hard drive, and without that magical firmware the iMac won’t even boot. Remember, this is the company that thinks swapping batteries is best left to the professionals, uses a custom BIOS to keep you from running OS X on non-Apple hardware, and forced a company to put the brakes on an SSD upgrade for the MacBook Air. Really, we’re kinda surprised the iMac doesn’t shock you when you try to pry it open.

via New iMac frees you from the tyranny (and convenience) of servicing your own hard drives — Engadget.