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Image by madmolecule via Flickr

Today I got excited! I have a date on September 14th! I know that’s 4 months away, but I haven’t been on a date in at least 6 months. Possibly longer. Why?
Because I find it essentially impossible to find the time to connect with my fiancee on a one on one basis. On most nights, after putting the kids to bed, and trying to clean up the bomb that went off in the house during the day, we are wiped. All we can muster for energy is to sit on our respective laptops and zone out. Mindless.

When do parents find the time to connect? I am asking because I am looking for advice. We have 3 kids between us. A child each from previous relationships and one together. Do people get baby sitters now adays? Honestly, do parents with multiple kids go out very often? Do you?

I am excited to arrange a date 4 months from now, but that seems so far away! Good thing we are getting married in a month and a half. Our wedding night, I believe, counts too…