Night ride tonight! Made my night, but I almost missed a deadline…

My bike and trailer... At Night... ;)
Image by KTesh via Flickr

After work I had planned and wanted to go on a mountain bike ride. However, I got busy near the end of the work day, and I gave some lame excuse why I had to come home first. As many know, once you change your exercise plans and head home for dinner, the likelihood of going out again is slim to nil.

But I called my friend, who has never done a night ride, and he was game to try! I grabbed the night lights and out we went! It was a great ‘virgin’ ride for my friend Jeremy, and the weather was perfect!

One of the best night rides I’ve had in a long time! Even with the flat tire…

The down side was that by the time I got home tonight it was almost 11pm. I hadn’t done a blog post today! I almost missed my postaday challenge!

Today’s lesson for me was that when your energy is low, and you don’t feel like exercising, do the opposite of what you really want to. Head out and do it! And if you don’t just do it, call a friend! They might be up to participate.

I find that the best rides I have are when I have no energy in my legs and I’m tired! Now, at 20 to twelve, I have a bunch of energy! haha.


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