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Today, I was very surprised that the world didn’t come to an end. And, a bit disappointed…Really, can you imagine how cool it would have been if some ghost came out of the sky and annihilated the planet? It would have really sucked for life on the planet, but if there was something that powerful around, I would be in awe! Way more powerful than Superman

But alas, another religious cult got it wrong. I’m really not too surprised. For thousands of years into the future there will be supposed prophets that claim to know when Jesus will come back to earth and kick some ass. They will all be wrong.I will step way out of the box here and claim that there never was a Jesus. He is a fairy tale. It is just as likely that Zeus or Thor or The Flying Spaghetti Monster will come to life and show themselves as the creators of the Universe.

I don’t know the final tally of life lost today, but if and when I find out, I’ll be reporting back to you…

Now go put down that bible, quran, etc…, quit trying to plan for the end of time, and go enjoy what limited time we have with family and friends…

As a bit of a reality check, it should be noted that there are real victims when crazy apocalyptic types try to gain followers. Not only have I read that some people have euthanized their pets, but some people spent or gave away their entire life savings. Though my first reaction is to not have sympathy for someone being sucked in, the most gullible and vulnerable people are the first ones to buy in to these crazy ideas…