Simple and Clean, just launched a Beautiful Upgrade…

About a week ago I asked you what text editor you prefer to write with. As a blogger I prefer to use either VIM or I blow up my WordPress editor. But the WordPress editor was a bit to be desired. It was still quite cluttered. I mentioned an online writing tool called PenZen that took away the clutter so you can get down to writing.

I’m sure WordPress was so wowed by my post that they decided to implement the PenZen philosophy!

Here is a screenshot of the ultra minimalist editor within the dashboard!

Beautiful eh?

The screenshot is not a browser window where I’ve edited out the menu bar, or even edited out my desktop menubar. This is my entire computer screen! No distractions!

You can write in HTML, or with the visual editor. On top of that, once you move the cursor, the text boxes temporarily appear, and you have an import/edit image icon and in insert/edit link icon, a word count, and a Save option . One of the best things about this, is that all in one clean interface, you can add images, link to other blog posts, and switch between visual and HTML editing. Pretty much all you need to blog to your heart’s content!

WordPress has hit this upgrade out of the park. I may have just found a way to put VIM to rest…

Here is a link with the full details on the updated WordPress…

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