Thailand’s king is an Idiot – American faces 15 years in prison for linking to a webpage.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej
Image by Images History via Flickr

Thailand‘s King may be a nice man, however I’ve never met him, and can’t say. What I can say about him though, is that he deserves to have people insult him for being such a self-righteous idiot by enforcing a law not in insult him. He also looks like a complete asshole in the image to the right. Just saying…

I believe everyone has a right to an opinion, and to state that opinion. Calling someone a name shouldn’t result in being charged with a crime. Just like drawing a picture of Muhammad shouldn’t result in you being threatened with death by beheading…Or being thrown in jail for protesting in public or speaking out on censorship in China…It is wrong. Plain and simple.

One poor sod got the attention of “The King” and is up on charges of insulting him. He linked to a banned book about Thailand’s king on his blog, and when he went back to Thailand for some medical treatments, was arrested.

YOU ARE A DOLT King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Here is the article about this guy’s plight…

Thai authorities said Friday they arrested an American citizen on charges he insulted the country’s monarchy, in part by posting a link on his blog four years ago to a banned book about the Southeast Asian nation’s ailing king.

The man is also suspected of translating, from English into Thai, portions of “The King Never Smiles” — an unauthorized biography of King Bhumibol Adulyadej — and posting them online along with articles he wrote that allegedly defame the royal family, said Tharit Pengdith, who heads the Department of Special Investigation, Thailand’s equivalent of the FBI.

The American has denied the charges, according to the Thai-language news website, which tracks cases of lese majeste, as the crime of insulting the monarchy is known.

The 54-year-old Thai-born man lived in the U.S. state of Colorado for around 30 years before returning recently to Thailand for treatment for high blood pressure and gout, the website said. If the allegations are true, the infractions would have been committed while he lived in America — where they are legal — raising concern about the reach of Thai law and how it is applied to Thai nationals and foreign visitors.

Thailand’s king thinks he’s too important to be insulted – American faces 15 years in prison for linking to a webpage. via