Wedding Beer, Tuxedos, and popsicles

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Today was a busy day for me. As I was running around so much, I don’t have a topic for today. and as such I thought I would  do a diary post for you.

Beer. Good beer in my future. It has been long in the making. My friend Jeremy is a fantastic craft beer brewmaster. Though he is modest, he really has a gift. From god of course…Finally, after a month of waiting, and even longer in planning, we were able to go over and sample the beer. If you have ever tasted beer that is not yet carbonated, and is warm, it is not quite ready. But Jeremy’s beer still tasted stellar so young! If anyone out there has $50,000, I have a great place to invest it! **Just to clarify- I tasted the beer, as in a sip. I didn’t go to a beer tasting(aka drunk as a skunk trying 20 beers), as some may have suggested**

Anyhow, off I went with 2 of my boys, and got my oldest measured for his tuxedo for the wedding. He looked so grown up. I love that he is excited for the wedding! He loved putting it on. After the fitting, I took the boys out for a few errands, and decided that they deserved a reward for being such great helpers.


We drove all over the place. NO gas stations had popsicles! They had $5 ice cream sandwiches, but no popsicles! This is a major memory from my childhood. When did popsicles start disappearing from convenience stores?
Eventually we stumbled across them. Banana and cherry popsicles! Yummy.

Overall a great day. I feel that little bit closer to the big day…