My 5 month Postaday2011 Anniversary.

40th Anniversary Cake

Today I had my 5 month anniversary being a part of the Postaday2011 Challenge! Woot!

This has been a rewarding experiment for me. I have got so much more traffic on the site, and have enjoyed blogging about whatever the hell I want to now. Whether that is a good thing or not, I don’t know, however I now feel like a real, grown up blogger. haha.

Here are my stats so far this year…

I’ve had 17,500 visitors to the site so far this year. That is essentially 1/2 of all the traffic I’ve had since I’ve started blogging on! It’s amazing that if you provide consistent content, that people check out your site regularly? Who knew?

I have noticed  that  a positive trend is that I get more comments on the site now, more subscribers, and I see more referrals from social media sites, like Facebook, and Twitter. I also love getting all that love.It is great to see other bloggers out there commenting on posts.

Thank you everyone for reading my ramblings, and leaving comments…It makes blogging every day seem so easy to do!

If you haven’t yet started blogging regularly, it is never too late to start! Here is where you go to sign up!

Get out there and state your mind…