Do you exercise early in the morning?

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Today I planned a mountain bike ride before work. I almost never ride early in the morning. But, with the hot weather coming, riding at 5 or 6 pm is not fun. I have never enjoyed hot weather. I usually count the days of summer awaiting the rains of autumn to cool me off. I can’t sleep, hate to tan, and am a bit of a lame duck in the water.

I love to ride, and if I could somehow get a ride in every day, or every other day, I’d be a happy man. And a fit one too!

My issue is with juggling my family, friends, work, socializing and health. Riding only on the weekend can be hard. For one, if I only ride once a week, I am not staying fit. And second, if I go a week without riding, I want to get a 2-3 hour ride in to sort of catch up. Not too popular when I only have so many hours in a week to help out around the house, and spend quality time with my lovely Em and kids.

So, today I got up at 5am. It should be known that I do not function very well early in the morning. My brain is at best foggy, and my old sports injuries seem to be more awake than the rest of me…I prepared though, and had the coffee on a timer, a Clif Bar and my car keys right by the coffee pot.

Out the door at 5:15…

How did the ride go? It one word, fantastic! It set the mood for my whole day! I was alert. Almost giddy. All day. Didn’t need half the coffee I usually consume, and I felt like I had not missed one minute of time with my family.

By the time I got home, it was 7am and everyone was still sleeping. How perfect is that?

Why the hell didn’t I ride early in the morning before? I have a few times, but usually on bike trips, but never as a part of my daily activities! I am going to start doing it a few days a week and see how it goes.

Are you a morning person? Do you go to the gym, go out for a walk, run, or ride before the early bird has got the worm?

Leave me a comment! I’d love to see how you integrate exercise into your daily routine. Especially if you have kids. 🙂



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