Now Post Comments on Using Twitter and Facebook!

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One of the best things a blogger can hope for is feedback and discussion on his/her posts. Over the last year my site has taken off with people willing to comment on my ramblings. I’ve really appreciated it. It makes blogging so much more enjoyable when I know people read what I have to say, and whether they agree or disagree.

If you didn’t comment, it would be like a radio DJ that never knew anyone was listening to you. So, thank you! recognizing the importance of making commenting easy, and as such have ramped up the comment system into the 21st century! Now, if you are logged into Twitter, WordPress, or Facebook, you can leave a comment under any of those profiles while checking out my site.

Why don’t you check it out, and leave a comment!

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P.S.- I have stumbled upon a new GTD app that is well integrated with Evernote! I signed up for a 15 day trial to experiment. I will be working on a review over the next week or so. Stay tuned!