Fukushima: It’s much worse than you think!

The Fukushima 1 NPP
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Remember that little earthquake and Tsunami in Japan? Recall that nuclear power plant going into meltdown? Ya, me neither. Old news…

Except that the whole thing is becoming a shit-show. It blows my mind that the news media aren’t reporting the disaster anymore. They’ve moved onto other things. Like riots and stuff.

The problem is that the Fukushima plant is going through full meltdowns and there is no end in sight. I just happened to stumble upon an Aljazeera article about the plant and how bad it really is over there.

No one seems to be talking about the readings all over the western USA showing radiation, and a spike in infant mortality by 35%. Yikes.

As well, there are suggestions that the end result of this full meltdown will release 10 times the radiation than Chernobyl! 10 times!

This isn’t front page news?

I am always taking articles and stuff I read with a grain of salt, but I love conspiracy theories. Why wouldn’t western media outlets report how bad it is over there?

Here is an excerpt from the article. Click through at the bottom to read how scary Fukushima really is…

Japan’s Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters finally admitted earlier this month that reactors 1, 2, and 3 at the Fukushima plant experienced full meltdowns.
TEPCO announced that the accident probably released more radioactive material into the environment than Chernobyl, making it the worst nuclear accident on record.

Meanwhile, a nuclear waste advisor to the Japanese government reported that about 966 square kilometres near the power station – an area roughly 17 times the size of Manhattan – is now likely uninhabitable.

In the US, physician Janette Sherman MD and epidemiologist Joseph Mangano published an essay shedding light on a 35 per cent spike in infant mortality in northwest cities that occurred after the Fukushima meltdown, and may well be the result of fallout from the stricken nuclear plant.

The eight cities included in the report are San Jose, Berkeley, San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Portland, Seattle, and Boise, and the time frame of the report included the ten weeks immediately following the disaster.

Fukushima: It’s much worse than you think via reddit.com.


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