Riding Three Days in a Row! I blame my kids…

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After getting my Brodie mountain bike detailed (and repaired) by Experience Cycling the other day, I have been wanting to get out on the rig as much as possible! I am not a morning person as many of my family can attest, but getting up at the crack of dawn in the summer before the heat hits, seems like the right thing to do.

I don’t know why I never thought of this before!!!I have been mountain biking for 20 years, and it’s only now that I see the benefit of riding so early in the summer?

At a time of the year when I see so many riders out enjoying the nice weather, I am wilting, hiding in the shade like some vampire. I have found that I ride much more in the spring and fall, and even the winter.

Many friends and family can’t stand me complaining about the summer. I have a hate on for it. I complain that I can’t ride because it’s too hot, but I think I have found the solution! After getting my bike back, I’ve ridden every morning. Maybe I won’t hate the heat so much?

Come to think of it, I blame having 3 young kids and a career for stumbling upon this idea! After working all day, I feel a sense of responsibility to come home and relieve my poor Em. I have a hard time getting motivated after coming home from work to leave again for a ride. I miss being away from my family so long. If I ride after work, by the time I get home, they are all in bed. I end up feeling sad. Not exactly the feeling I want to have after riding.

I am probably subconsciously trying to do as much riding as possible this week, because I’m only two weeks away from my wedding and it’s time to get shit done…

Enjoy the riding while I can!