Wedding music Poll

Image by Alicakes* via Flickr

My sister and brother in law have been working hard on getting music ready for the wedding. I finally got the music into my laptop and set up the playlist they created.

My music tastes are, shall I say, different than what you hear at ANY wedding. I love bands like Tool, Ween, Bad Brains, Black Flag. My wedding guests would not appreciate if I put all my music on there, and Em and I want our quirky touch in the music selection. How much ‘original’ music should one put in the playlist? I can’t see people out dancing to songs they’ve never heard before! By the same token, the cheesy classics from the 70s and 80s seem to get everyone up and dancing like crazy.

What was a good wedding you have been to that had great tunes?


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    1. That’s great! We have SO MUCH music now. 80+Gb. The dance music is pretty standard stuff that gets people dancing, but adding our spin to the music may be a challenge…What about dinner music?

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