I'm a worse hoarder than I am a photographer!

Image by canonsnapper via Flickr

My house has lots of um, stuff in it. I had hoped that a lot of the stuff was being saved for the wedding, and that it would all disappear after. Until today…After the reception, we still have all the decorations, china, little trinkets. And TONS of them…

I know that we slowly accumulate more and more stuff during our lives, and that after we die, our kids get to sort it all out and find those hidden jems.

For our house, it is a bit different. We are a blended household, having come together after already getting lots of things separately. I had a bed, she had a bed, we had kid beds. We have two dining room sets.Full dish sets. Shelves. Not only 2 of everything, but sometimes 4 or 5 of everything.

It can get a bit overwhelming for me. I have this fantasy that I have a dumpster parked outside the house, and I get to throw away tons of stuff we just don’t use. My soon to be brother-in-law did it at his house, and he said it was liberating.

We have lots of guests coming over in the next couple of days, so I attacked some long overdue cleaning projects. I just couldn’t clean because that meant I had to put things away in their rightful spot. There isn’t a rightful spot for things in our house.

I decided to put quite a few things in a box and have them be out of sight, out of mind. But that isn’t the solution. The real solution is to have an objective 3rd party come over and sort it out, once and for all. It will happen one day but most of the time it is a few weeks before moving out! Why do we wait til we know we need to move it all?

Have any of you de-cluttered your lives? Was it as rewarding as I think it would be?

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