If you like beer, you need…

Tonight I am sitting down visiting with my very good friend Dave, who has come over from England to come to my wedding. It is very special to catch up after not being around each other for a long time. Inevitably, the topic goes back to the great times we shared when we were roommates in Vancouver. Oh, the good old days. lol.

The other thing that comes up is…Beer. We both love tasty, flavourful beers.

My wedding is in a couple of days, and I have lined up a great local craft brewery to provide the beer. My friend, and brewmaster Jeremy, models a lot of his recipes off of Phillips Brewery.

If you love tasty beer, go check out Phillips Brewery! We just picked up the Hop Box 12 pack, and it is delicious…

More wedding planning and socializing to do…


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  1. Doesn’t he grow his own hops too? I’ve been telling people that so I guess I should make sure its truth.

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