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Wedding speech

Image by Michael Quinn Family via Flickr

If there is one thing that I don’t enjoy doing in front of a bunch of people is speeches. I am not one of those types of people that loves to be the centre of attention.

I have blogged in the past about my anxiety of speaking in front of others, and how I overcame it(or so I think…). Many years ago, I stood in front of a group of 10 or so students in one of my criminology classes and tried to do a presentation about capital punishment. I had a panic attack within a couple of sentences, and had to restart. By the time I was done, I was sweating, shaking and completely humiliated.

This was a red flag for me that I needed to address my in-ability to speak in front of others.

I decided to sign up at the local radio station as a DJ. It worked.

One of the things that I realize is that I do a lot better speaking in groups where there is interaction. People asking me questions, or me asking questions, and people answering. A whole lot different that doing a one way spoken word ramble.

I don’t have a wedding speech prepared, and I am still a bit uncertain whether I should write one, or wing it? Or, do I like many famous actors at the Oscars, just pull out a small piece of paper with notes?

Have any of you had to do a wedding speech before? How did you do? Was it your first? Did you throw up? lol.