Weddings and sharing photos

Today I got to look through a bunch of pictures from the wedding! I was able to import them off other people’s cameras in only a few minutes.

This got me thinking about how photos are shared today, versus how they were shared in the past, before digital photography. We had 100-150 photos in the span of 5 minutes in our computer.

In the past, if you had a wedding, and someone took pictures, the person that took the pictures would get them developed, and put them in a photo album. You may never see them!

Now they are shared online, emailed, and passed between people almost instantly.

I will try and organize the pictures and post some from the wedding soon, so my dedicated followers(all 5 of you) can see.



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  1. Emery looks sooo BEAUTIFUL!! I am so glad that you had good weather for your special day! Congratulations!

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