My wedding experience with my Best Man

Here I sit a couple of days after marrying my beautiful bride. The house is quiet. The kids are in bed. My new wife is asleep.

I feel like I have been to the best party of my life the last 5 or 6 days. A party filled with laughter, friendships, kids, music, and family.

Looking back at this last week, I remember the stress of feeling like nothing was ready. That we hadn’t thought through the little details. Then something happened. People started showing up to help! There were so many close friends that gathered around us making our wedding the best it could possibly be. I tried to do my best to thank each of them in my wedding speech I posted on our wedding day, but saying thank you just doesn’t seem to truly convey the gratitude I feel for all they did. 

One of my primary supports this last week has been my friend Dave. Dave and I have been great friends for over 20 years. I attended his wedding in Hawaii as his best man and he reciprocated and came to mine as my best man, travelling all the way over from England. Dave was really the best man. He took control of the little stuff that I didn’t have time to do. He helped me out so much around the house, watched the kids when we got distracted or overwhelmed, and was able to stay calm throughout the entire affair.

See the lovely picture above? You see a happy married couple. What you don’t see is Dave running around making sure the hall key went to the right person, that the cards didn’t get stolen, that the electrical key got taken back, and that we could stand around for a few minutes and smile for the camera.

He also gave a great best man speech!

There is a funny story around each of us giving a speech as best men. When I went to Hawaii to attend Dave’s wedding, I spent some time on the plane drafting up my very first best man speech. I was nervous, and didn’t know the protocol. I assumed that at some point I would be called upon to speak so I took time to make some sappy, meaningful stuff that I thought people would want to hear.

About an hour before the wedding, I was sitting around with Dave. He said that I was going to be doing a speech. I told him, “no problem, I have one in my pocket”. He said, “no, no, we wrote you one”… “You wrote me one?”.

That was weird, I thought.

He then proceeded to tell me that I was going to be doing a speech in Japanese. The only problem was that I don’t speak a word of it! His bride is Japanese, so that made sense, but he tells me now?

My stress level went up 1000%.

It went off without a hitch, but I knew one day I would get him back. The issue was that at the time, I was already married…

Little did I know that one day, years later, I would be walking down the aisle!

So, I told Dave a couple of days before my wedding that he would be doing a speech. I didn’t tell him before he showed up just in case he changed his mind and didn’t make the flight. I was quite kind though, as I didn’t make him do one in Polish. Not that I would understand a word of it…In between all the running around and helping out, he wrote it.

His speech was great of course, and all he did at the wedding means a lot.

But it was the days we spent together that really meant the most…

We all have a few close friends that we can be away from for a year or two, or more, that when we get together, it seems like no time has passed. For Dave and I, 20 years has past, with us going in slightly different directions, and with him over in Japan and England for quite a lot of it.

Yet, when he was here, I felt 20 again. Like we were room mates living a free spirited life all over again. The only real difference was poopy diapers, and less hair on my head.

Here are a couple of pictures to share of us hanging out after the wedding was over.

Thank you Dave for all you have done over the years. And standing by me through some of the tough times I’ve had.

You are a great friend.