Milk Glass fetishes and getting my buy in

My wife. I love her. But she has a fetish that doesn’t make it into our bedroom…

She loves milk glass. Loves it!

I lost track of how many pieces she has in her collection months ago. She started collecting milk glass flower vases for our upcoming wedding and found herself emursed in the world of pretty white glasses, wine goblets, sugar bowls, fruit bowls, candy bowls. You get the idea.

Seeing that she has a good eye for bargains, and loves to spend her alone time zoned out in thrift stores, I don’t have any issues with her collecting to her heart’s content. Better than buying $250 collector plates on eBay(don’t even look there honey…), or filling her time watching Dr. Phil or sleeping with the neighbour(ew. He’s not that attractive…). The only caveat for me is that I really don’t share the same passion for them. I see them as another box of stuff we need to move to our next house.

When she asks me what I think about her recent finds, I try to put on my game face and say how great the said item is, and what a bargain it was at $1. I think she sees through my glassy eyed stare and rolls her eyes that I just don’t get it.

That was until today. She brought home the diplomatic chalice. Three milk glass beer steins! Instead of me thinking about how much extra space they were going to take on our limited cupboard space, I embraced them. How many people drink their beer from one of these? I know of only one. Me.

Now I just need to find some milk glass garter belts…