Photo of the day July 13,2011 – Summer Rain

The last couple of days the weather has turned for the better. Last night the clouds opened up and we had a massive rain storm. Throughout the day today it rained off and on. When people complain of ‘bad’ weather in summer, it is quite the opposite to my views on bad weather. Hot, scorching sunny weather is unbearable. I can’t stand hot weather.

I love rain in the summer.

It is like the grass, plants and animals all come alive when it rains. After a week or two of dry, warm weather, everything starts to die. I stop mowing my grass, the flowers die, and animals look for shade.

Then the rain comes, and with it, that smell. The smell of freshness that every laundry soap company tries to recreate but fails.

The smell of summer rain is probably one of my all time favourite smells.