Photo of the day July 17, 2011 – Secret Stash

Tonight I found my son’s candy stash! I went up to say good night to him and noticed he was covering his mouth with his blanket while I read him a story. Then, I think he choked on his candy and pretended to have a tickle in his throat…

That’s when I said, “well, it could have been from you almost choking on that candy you’re sucking on”…He knew he was caught. I told him to go brush his teeth again. While he was down there doing that, I did a quick little search around his bedside and found that he has been hiding candies under his books! So cute.

I quietly took the candies and didn’t say a thing. Sometimes it’s better to keep them guessing…lol.

It reminded me of my childhood. They say that having kids makes you relive your own childhood. I think it’s somewhat true.

The worst time for me as a teen, was when I came home from school and my mom says to me, “go up to your room, and throw away those magazines under your dresser”. I went a dark shade of red! I had been finding my dad’s thrown away Playboys. I had collected quite a few back issues to um, read the articles. I had them under my bottom drawer of my dresser. Not obvious or anything.

That was all that was said by my mom. Later, sitting watching TV with my dad, he pipes up and says, “son, did you throw away the Playboys like your mom asked?”. “Yup”, I said. He says, “I guess you didn’t hide them very well…”. Then, that was it. No more.

I think there is a time when we realize that our kids are going to start hiding parts of who they are from their parents. It is a natural thing they do to start becoming individuals.

I think I handled it fairly well. Have you had one of those moments with your kids where you realized they are keeping secrets?


5 Replies to “Photo of the day July 17, 2011 – Secret Stash”

  1. Hahaha! That’s hilarious. Kids are so sneaky. Calen and I would hide under the table and eat Mrs Dash spice. So weird.

  2. Reminds me of the day mum brought me to my matress, lifted it up and said “well at least I know you’re growing up normal”… One of my daughters is starting to get interested in boys and keeps a list of ‘cute boys’ in her dairy (which I am not allowed to see lol). I’ll have lots of fun interviewing the hopefuls in a few years!!! (hello, son, would you like to see my collection of knives?)

  3. I of course had many things hid from Mom and Dad. The most famous being the lunch sandwiches that I hated and being super smart at the ripe old age of around 8-11 would put them either in the treehouse where Mom would never go up or the escape hatch outside my brothers bedroom on the porch. The small problem came when the inevitable rats were enjoying the free food! My brother has hated rats ever since, sorry Jamie.

    1. I hate rats!

      I still can’t figure out why you didn’t just throw away your lunches in the garbage at school???? WTH? lol.

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