Get It Done App, a great Evernote and GTD integrated Task Manager

A few weeks ago I came across an interesting Evernote Trunk item. It is a GTD inspired website called Get it Done App. Why it got my attention is that I am still waiting for Remember the Milk to have Evernote syncing capabilities like Nozbe does.

So, I signed up for the 15 day free trial and started playing with it. Here are my feeling about the app.

The interface of Get It Done App is really beautiful. Very Nozbe-esk. I ran the site on my linux box in Firefox 4 & 5, and Chrome as well as on a Windows XP computer running IE8 and Firefox 4. All the browsers ran the graphics well. The tasks can be manually moved around very easily. I love flashy task managers, but only ones that are still easy to use on multiple platforms and in all the modern browsers.

I’ll start by saying that though I like the task manager, one of the deal breakers for my workflow is that with Get it Done App you can’t set a time due for a task. Maybe my life is so micro-managed that I need reminding of things at specific times during the day. I could use Google Calendar for this but why have multiple reminders coming from different apps?

Get it Done App has fantastic Smart Groups, and integration with Evernote tags. I put everything into Evernote, and love the ability to see my Evernote tagged documents in my Smart Group results! Having my tasks and reference material all on one page is a great feature! I’d like like to see a task count next to the saved Smart Groups.

The mobile platform has poor push notifications to the iPhone. Because times of the day can’t be set for items due, no notifications pop up to remind you. I think my feelings about times is not ‘true to GTD’, but I love reminders popping up at the times I need reminding.

I would love to see keyboard shortcuts implemented and the ability to tab through fields. For instance, you can tab up to the due date, then need to mouse click to get the calendar to open. Not very fast and efficient to enter in tasks. I do like the visual mouseover popup within the task with the details of the notes you have been keeping. I use notetaking in RTM a lot for my projects. With no need to click the note to see the details, I don’t have to wait for another tab to open.

One thing that I wish they would integrate, much like RTM and Nozbe, is due dates and tags recognized in the task entry field. That would save some time entering the task. Things like saying, “pick up the library books tomorrow” should make the task due tomorrow. The use of hashtags is so prevelant nowadays, that I almost expect tagging to be recognized in task managers. Once again, I’m so spoiled in RTM…

Only having 15 days to play with, and signing up just prior to my wedding, I didn’t get to put it through a thorough testing, but overall I felt it to be a well thought out and useful GTD solution.

For $39/year, this app is great value if you are looking for a GTD To-Do app to keep you organized! For those of you that are looking for Evernote integration and can’t afford Nozbe’s steep prices, Get It Done App may just be the perfect solution for you!