Nozbe web redesigned. Less green!

Today Michael Nozbe announced a bunch of new developments at Nozbe! The first thing that got my attention was the new web interface. They have removed the excessive green that I couldn’t get over in my reviews of Nozbe! Here is a look at the new interface…

I like the new look. Not as ‘in your face’ as before…

Here is a snippet of what they had to say about the launch.

We’ve been listening. Nozbe’s design dates back to the summer of 2009 so it was time for some tuning. First off, our new talented designer Radek focused on making the interface “lighter” and faster with more CSS goodness and less HTML. This means, the projects will load faster and the overall feel will be just better.

Less green. It’s still there, but less powerful. And new color themes will come soon, so you’ll be able to customize it even more.

New bubbles for choosing task details – help you see quickly what you chose for a particular action.

From the screenshot you can see that I haven’t been using Nozbe much, but the layout is essentially untouched from when I used it exclusively for my task management. Even though it has been a while since I switched to Remember the Milk, I can say that Nozbe feels faster than before. Good job!

One thing that I love about Nozbe is the Evernote and Dropbox intergration. To show you what I mean, I created a project called “books”. Inside the project are all my evernote notes labelled with a “books” tag. I really wish this feature was in Remember the Milk. It puts the reference material and task management all in one convenient place.

If it weren’t for the price, I think Nozbe would be a major contender in my GTD arsenal.

Nozbe also announced desktop apps for both OSX and Windows, for those of you that like off-line access to your ToDo lists.

Click the link below for a full breakdown of today’s announcement.

Nozbe web redesigned. Less green, more contrast, faster feel. : Getting Things Done with Nozbe Blog.