My wife the bargain hunter. Today I was impressed.

Bargain hunters at Encants market in Barcelona
Image by via Flickr

I will start by saying that I love my wife (honey, you read that? I love you). Now the but…She is REALLY into bargain hunting. To the point where I sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees. I am sure I am wrong here, but it seems like everyday she comes home excited about a great new find at a thrift store

At first it was kind of cute. Ahhhhhhh, look at that cute little cup and saucer. $1? Wow. Good find! Then, after a bunch of fantastic finds, I have lost the wow factor, and just see a slow and steady stream of items filling the house.

We have talked about trying to get rid of some extra things that we just don’t need anymore, and I’m not yet in a panic for when we eventually have to move from here. Talk to me about 2 weeks before moving day and it will be a different story.

However, today I was sold on her savvy, bargain hunter ways.

We have been contemplating getting a new dining room table at some point in the future as we may have another baby at some point. We also love having people over and when we do, our oval kitchen table gets very crowded once 8 people are sitting at it. Not hard to do seeing there are 5 in our house to start!

Wood furniture is expensive however, so we have been getting by with what we’ve got. Until she found this!

It is an antique oak table that expands from a small kitchen table about 4″x4″ to a 4″x8″ huge table that seats 12!
I don’t know the prices of antique furniture very well, but we got it for $180! Even if we got ripped off and it is only worth $50, I just absolutely love it! This table is something that my nana would have loved in her house! A big, sturdy table that the family can sit around and enjoy a big meal at. I have never been so excited about a piece of furniture. Correction, this is the second most exciting piece of furniture after our king sized bed. 😉

I have heard that bargain hunters only find that treasure once every fifty times they go looking. My lovely wife found that treasure today.
My only worry is that I may catch the bargain hunting bug, and we may need to move into a bigger house! For those family and friends that know us, you know that is almost impossible! lol.